Why pizza?

Why pizza?

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Why pizza? Because it awesome!

You are one of the delivery guys working at a pizzeria and you need to hurry because pizza can get cold.



WHY PIZZA is a platformer, physical simulator, and delivery job simulator. You have to deliver pizza, get your payment and survive this day, if you have not enough money you'll lose your house, food, and life, so be careful and work hard!

Cheesy wonky characters, fun levels, and hot pizza are included.




  • Controlling your heavy head to get through game space
  • Controlling your body to get on the platforms
  • Controlling your hands to destroy obstacles on your way
  • Jumping & controlling your head to make longer or shorter jumps
  • Jumping to get on the platforms
  • Picking items to destroy obstacles
  • Dropping items to destroy obstacles
  • Avoiding enemies
  • Picking coins to get more money
  • Controlling your head is a tricky task so you'll need to understand where your head should be



  • Control your heavy head to climb to the client
  • Deliver pizza through complex multiway levels
  • Sustain your family and a cat
  • Play with your friend in local multiplayer!
  • Yummy pizza



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