Last Evil

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Last Evil

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Humanity has sealed the great demon away.

Sealed away deep in the earth, hidden in a maze of sewers.

What few demons remain are scattered, slaughtered like game animals in a great hunt.


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Last Evil is a rogue-like strategy card game.


Earn Essence and Spell Cards from battle. Use them to empower your combat decks and overcome the forces before you.

Combine different cards to overcome unique challenges you will face.

But be careful.

Lady luck is in play and she may not be deal the card you wish. Overusing a card too many times will see it plucked from your hands in a time of need.



Spells of two varieties exist, Mana based and those of Lust.


Mana will draw energy from your mana pool, but recharges each turn.

Offensive and defensive abilities with various utilities and effects will need to be chosen wisely.


Lust is a resource that will carry from battle to battle, but as a succubus, you have several ways to obtain this resource.

Lust spells focus on tempting and weakening enemies. Some carry very special effects.



Harvest your vanquished foes’ Essence.


The more essence you claim will allow you to purchase new spells, or remove those spells that are dead weight. Tune and craft your deck to overcome those who would see the demonic race annihilated!


But beware, for if you fail and succumb to the enemy your journey will meet a bitter end. If you are to survive, you must reach the deepest depths of darkness and awaken the Great Demon once more! Take revenge, overcome your enemies… restore the demonkind! Let evil reign once more.


  • Jiggle and cloth effects.
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