Bless Unleashed - Deluxe Founder's Pack

Bless Unleashed - Deluxe Founder's Pack

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Purchase the [Deluxe Founder's Pack] to obtain exclusive items to start your journey in the world of Lumios! (Available limited time only)


[Deluxe Founder's Pack] includes:


  • Founder's Pack Exclusive Title (Pyreborn)
    Acquire the title [Pyreborn]. The title is visible above the character's name.
    [Cannot be sold in the Marketplace]
  • Card: Ironclad Rhino
    Acquire the mount, Irconclad Rhino. Stomp and roam around the vast open world of Bless Unleashed with this heavy-duty Rhino.
    [Cannot be sold in the Marketplace]
  • Card: Emote (Salute)
    Acquire the emote, [Salute] Express yourself through this emote.
  • 500 Lumena
    Currency is used to purchase items and services available within the Lumena Shop. A variety of items such as cosmetics and services are offered in the Lumena Shop.
  • 50,000 Star Seed
    In-game currency used in the Marketplace. Star Seeds can be acquired from numerous contents along with the Star Seed Exchange, where you can exchange your hard-earned gold for Star Seeds. The exchange is limited per day. Star seeds can also be used in Teleposts, Resurrect from battles, and much more
  • Premium Benefits (7 Days)
    This service offers a variety of in-game buffs and perks.

    [Premium Benefits]
    Gain +50 Lumena Every Day
    Increases the capacity of your bag +50
    Increases PvE XP Gain +50%
    Increases PvE Gold Gain +10%
    Increases Quest SXP Gain +10%
    Increases HP Recovery at Soul Pyres +300%
    Reduces Gathering/Mining/Logging Time -25%
    Increases All Crafting XP Gain +10%
    5% Marketplace Fee Discount
    40% General Goods Merchant Recovery Potion Purchase Price Discount

    Note: Daily Lumena can be received through daily login and added directly to the Lumena balance.
    Daily Lumena from Premium Benefits refreshes at 00:00 UTC.
    Premium Benefit's effects and durations are updated/applied when logging back to the game server or visiting the Lumena Shop.


  • Steam's refund policy applies to purchases made with Steam Wallet.
  • Purchased products can be collected through the Premium Inventory available in the Lumena Shop or Character Inventory
    (Premium Benefits effects are applied immediately when connected to the game.)
  • The actual product may vary from the product image shown.
  • Please contact customer support for inquiries regarding product purchases.

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